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  • Weekends to keep dashing
    It’s been a long time since I last wrote in English. This morning the idea dawned on me, and incidently it is dawn ;-)… I feel peaceful and happy this morning. Meeting my parents with L. yesterday was challenging. My mother was defensive and easily loud. After that talk with them, we were exhausted and quite muddled. These weekends in Valais in winter are a… Read More »Weekends to keep dashing
  • A dark moment on the terrace
    (It actually poured, less than 60 minutes after that!…) It’s 08.15 I’m on the terrace at the chalet with a blanket on my knees. It’s only 15 degrees celsius. I’m having my coffee and reading on this book called weyward by Emilia Hart, which is really interesting. I notice there’s even an audio book of that!… Anyway, this morning I left some apples for the… Read More »A dark moment on the terrace
  • Managing the fact that good times are due to go by
    Mon, Jul 03, 2023 1:06PM • 2:03 SUMMARY KEYWORDS manage, melancholy, holiday, joy, freedom, treasure, pattern, sad, live, smaller, beginning, regret, adopt, special, question, thinking Isn’t it funny? You may have the treasure of a long holiday in front of you, and at the same time you already feel the sadness that this treasure is going to run out some day, too soon, even if… Read More »Managing the fact that good times are due to go by
  • A friend or a good friend?
    I’m going to see Olivier soon. I phoned him recently. And since we spoke about school, I wasn’t really willing to speak. It was much better when I let him speak about jazz, the old jazz he’s a fan of. It was interesting to hear his enthusiasm. He’s a passionate, friendly, slightly bear-like philosophical person. Incidentally, I think it’s difficult to find real friends and… Read More »A friend or a good friend?
  • Do you like the Downton Abbey series?
    Yesterday I succumbed to the temptation of binge watching: I got hooked and gulped down at least three episodes of the the Downton Abbey series. I know that series is a bit old fashioned, but I don’t know why it attracts me that much, really. Perhaps it is the good English which is spoken, the manners it stages. I simply find it beautiful and satisfying,… Read More »Do you like the Downton Abbey series?