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A friend or a good friend?

I’m going to see Olivier soon. I phoned him recently. And since we spoke about school, I wasn’t really willing to speak. It was much better when I let him speak about jazz, the old jazz he’s a fan of. It was interesting to hear his enthusiasm. He’s a passionate, friendly, slightly bear-like philosophical person.

Incidentally, I think it’s difficult to find real friends and keep up relationships. Most often I find friends and I have impression we don’t really see eye to eye. We don’t have that many things in common. But we can communicate and this will do.

But finding real people who you feel inspired by because their interests fascinate you? Yes, I found some people like that, but is it that I don’t dare getting in touch, having the full power of their personality in front of me? Is it the fear of not comparing well?

In any case, I think that’s what I should do more often. I should try to get in touch and keep in touch with the people inspiring me, or who I admire for their interests or ways of being.

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