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My real name is actually Dzakye M, M being the initial standing for my surname and Dzakye the Arpitan word for Jacques. I’m a Swiss citizen from Savièse, in the canton (county) of Valais, on the river Rhône before Lake Léman (or Lake Geneva).

My passion is Arpitan, the endangered latin language also called officially “Francoprovençal” or commonly “patois”. My endeavour is to use that language and help Savièse people continue to use that thousand-year-old language for as long as possible. I am the animator of the web radio called “Radiô Arpitania“.

But why such a passion, Dzakye?

Simply because it was a breeze to hear the poetry of that language ring to my ears as a child when my mother Maria spoke it with her mother Alice.

Also, as you can certainly imagine, because every language on earth is the fruit of a long evolution, anchored in a particular climate, geography and culture. It is a precious highly original invention of the human mind to view the world and experience it.

Any other interests, dear?

Of course. plenty of them. I’m a language teacher, a nature lover and a hobby gardener and photographer. I’m interested in etymology, history and philosophy, in particular in the branch related to the search for a rewarding and fulfilling life.

To while away time, and to investigate the interest I have just mentioned, I often use social Audio in English @dzakyem on https://www.spreaker.com/show/dzakyems-musings or on https://anchor.fm/dzakyem .
See my page with the laters podcasts here: https://dzakyem.ch/my-anchor-podcast/

See my mastodon feed: https://artsio.com/@dzakyem and my twitter feed: https://dzakyem.ch/my-anchor-podcast

Let’s communicate!