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Weekends to keep dashing

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It’s been a long time since I last wrote in English. This morning the idea dawned on me, and incidently it is dawn ;-)…

I feel peaceful and happy this morning. Meeting my parents with L. yesterday was challenging. My mother was defensive and easily loud. After that talk with them, we were exhausted and quite muddled.

These weekends in Valais in winter are a breeze, so eerie. Real pokes to imagination. Then, I’m in a discovery mood ; indeed the snow which has recently come gives the forest a different look. The coat of trees looks grey and dappled, adding paradoxically a cosy look to the tops. I know very well they are icy and freezing, but they look like a blanket of fluffy down. The snow-covered tops look all the more white, especially before sunset. – The following photo of the Ilhorn, opposite Vercorin, on the little plateau there, was taken yesterday night, shortly after we had arrived in Savièse.

I always tend to feel anxious about something  in my everyday professional life, so I work hard to keep relaxed and carefree. It is much better for myself but also for my students. It creates an unexpected communication space adapting to moods. Indeed, if I am more relaxed, ideas and whims can come up and create unexpected statement outbursts. – I used to sing Anglo-Saxon tune extracts at any opporturnity twenty years ago. Now I only do it rarely.

So this is part of a survival urge to do things differently at weekends. Reading and walking are part of it. Exchanging with Lea is also key.

Limor cast: https://castpreview.page.link/s11n

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