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Managing the fact that good times are due to go by

Mon, Jul 03, 2023 1:06PM • 2:03


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Isn’t it funny? You may have the treasure of a long holiday in front of you, and at the same time you already feel the sadness that this treasure is going to run out some day, too soon, even if it definitely looks endless now. Yes, this kind of joy of the start, the joy, the hypothetical freedom, it definitely looks like a lot of fun. We don’t own time, but when we’ve got time on your hands we feel so free and light in our heart.

But what about you? How do you manage such an opportunity? And more precisely, how do you manage it when you reach the end of such an apparently free period, for example the end of a holiday?

I think that possibly the pattern we adopt for smaller things like for the beginning of a weekend or the end of it we tend to report on the beginning and end of a holiday, and possibly also on the beginning and the the end of life.

Isn’t it crucial there fore, to analyse our way of experiencing and managing our small present-like free moments of space? In particular, from what moment on do you think it is sad that a honeymoon moment is elapsing? And then, do you regret its going by? Are you melancholy when you think it’s going to end? Or do you just manage to experience it fully, instinctively, thoughtlessly, just managing to live a happy moment when it comes up, and then letting it go without regret?

That’s a special question about time isn’t it. What’s your opinion?

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