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What have I done on Limor?

Goals, reflections on interactions…

It’s been a long time since I last recorded something in Limor. And I always wonder how I can get more views.

Is it actually my goal to be successful in that sense, to be popular? I don’t think it is. It’s not my way of being. I try to speak and have interesting thoughts for myself first. And if you aren’t like-minded it’s possibly difficult for you to find the same interests as I have.

What are my interests? Some balance in my life? Some fun in discovering things. Some dealing with language as well, because Arpitan is my passion.

It has been for now many years since… is it 2007? Yes. So 15 years, 16 years now. It was the language of my mother and of my grandmother. They used to speak it together. I was fascinated, but I’ve only learned it since 2007. Anyway!…

What have I tried describing or doing on Limor? I’ve mainly described some interesting moments to me. Some reflections. They aren’t controversial thoughts. They are not very well explained thoughts. Actually, I’m not very good at desscribing things at length and explicitly. I’m like flowing on my train of thoughts.

Sometimes yes, as Robin Milne used to say, my thing is just to whistle, to share descriptions of beautiful sights. And sometimes to share a melody I have composed, invented. Yes, things like that. I can also invent a song in relation to some words. Yes I like that very much because sometimes the text brings you somewhere. I’m not a music expert, but music has always been around me. My father used to be a music teacher. He is a pensioner now…

And pictures have always been around me. I’ve always taken pictures. Not always, but I started to have a kind of ambition a long time ago. Around 1994 – or even before – but then you didn’t have digital cameras. Now it’s easier. Everybody takes pictures and shares them.

I share them with Piwigo which is a fun app to share pictures on a website you can dispose of freely yourself, organize and then you have these photos to share. It doesn’t mean there are more interactions through a Piwigo website but it’s fun to collect your pictures there. People can download them easily at different sizes, which is a fun idea at least, this idea of sharing

Another thing which came to my mind recently was the fact that some people are passionate producers of whatever they start to deal with. That is, texts, pictures, paintings. I have a short span of attention and yes, I like impressions and dealing with them quickly. I recently discovered the fun of creating haikus. Haikus are delicate things. Because the number of syllables you write seems a very flimsy goal indeed. But at the same time, such a number of 17 syllables is a small unit, like an aquarella, a water color and it’s just an impression. It’s an impressionistic ideal to me.

But I should try some longer things because it’s very restrictive indeed to write haikus only.

So that’s all for today. I think that’s enough. I could certainly ramble. At least this time, I’ve had the impression I wasn’t rambling too much in the last 10 minutes.

Greetings from Dzakye from Switzerland. Goodbye!

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