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Is life a cup of coffee

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Dzakye is reading it with scary music

Is life like a cup of coffee?

When you start tasting it
It’s a surprise.
You take it for granted.
Nothing special about it.
Except it is
Acute, concrete,
Lively, strong,

When you reach
The end of your cup,
It’s got lukewarm.
You feel more sugar,
Which hasn’t dissolved,
Waiting there at the bottom,
Waiting for you, as it were.
And you just realise
My cup of coffee
Is reaching an end soon.

You come to terms
With that.
It’s not going to get cold
Till you reach the bottom.
So, in a way,
You don’t worry too much.

But there it is,
The end of your cup.
Still good.
You’re there.
You’ve reached this point,
This moment.

And then,
Who knows,
Another day,
You’ll take another cup…

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