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Humble chalet dinner

I am at the chalet and I’m waiting for my soup to cook. It is a nettle and lovage soup. They are plants you can find here…
The larch tree has got all green, beautifully green, a kind of yellow, young green. As for the elder tree, its leaves have just come out. They’re perhaps 2 cm long. Everything is so young still here. It’s another season in comparison to the plain and to the village which is at a height of 850 m. Here we are at an altitude of 1700 m. I can look at the plain and it is all dark and on the other side of Valais, on the other side of the Rhône it is all dark. It is probably raining over there. Here we are still in the sun… almost in the sun. The lower part of the valley I’m in, the Morges Valley, is in the sun. And there are different types of trees down there. According to the type of tree, it is either dark green or light green. There are some streaks of light on the right handside and some chalets I can see sticking out of the meadow, which is under the trees. You will see the picture… Or you have a picture in front of you, more or less.
It is only 15°C, in the plain it was 30°C, or 29. For the end of May it is quite high. Yes here 15°C.
I took off my jacket because it was warm enough. Now it’s a bit windy and it’s getting overcast, just so. And nobody is in the chalets around me. It is indeed the beginning of the season. And we are in the middle of the week and everybody is just working at the moment.
So I’m back after a break because I had to put on my jacket, my two jackets, and taste the soup, which It’s already ready. After 10 minutes cooking it’s already perfect. You don’t need to cook some plants very much to have them cooked and to keep their vitamins.
So, I’ll leave you there and have a soup.
Greetings! Cheers!

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