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How could I take some distance?

Keeping our humanity, remaining human means not only concentrating on doing our job efficiently, but holding some distance to our goals. Keeping some peace of mind, a « philosophical attitude », as we say in French, towards ourselves and the world. Yes, being in touch, understanding and showing love is possibly more important than being efficient, isn’t it?

And shouldn’t we ask ourselves how we can live together? How we want to live together? What we want to share?

Who do you want to support? In order to be able to support other people you need time. You need awareness. And to have awareness, you need to be in touch with people.

I think that people in Western society, tend to forget this. At least I tend to forget to regenerate by watching birds and light, the day going by. By doing it I could acquire some distance at the same time. This is what that watchful, peaceful, rested attitude could give me.

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