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First holiday Monday

Hello World.

It was a very beautiful afternoon here at the chalet. This morning until, let’s say, around three o’clock, it was quite cloudy and rather cold, around 13 degrees celsius. It’s the beginning of the holiday, and I thought I could start a new blog in French, related to my @dzakanou account on Twitter. As usual, I tend to “spread my interests”. which is actually a way of saying that I’m wasting my time.

For the first time I could enter a “Spaces” meeting with Mark and Shannon on Twitter. These are conversations similar to the clubhouse conversations, but you can only organise them if you have 1000 followers, which I am far from having.

I wasn’t in that twitter “space” for long. However, it was rather flattering to be addressed directly by Shannon, and by Mark R.

What I said didn’t provoke any reaction, possibly my comments were out of place… Indeed, candidly, I answered the question that I was asked, namely: “How are you today?”. I felt good because I had read a book, among other things criticizing religion and advocating free thinking and this is what I spontaneously and thoughtlessly spurted out.

I imagine Shannon and Mark didn’t want to frustrate any auditor so they didn’t react. They could also have omitted to react because the session was drawing to a close and they didn’t want to enter a large debate.

In the afternoon, I then continued to read “21 lessons for the 21st century”, by Yuval Noah Harari. It is a good book – I’m only at the start. It’s definitely discussing a lot of important and daunting issues. It is obviously very solid writing based on books and facts. It makes people think, which is very good. We become aware of some indisputable realities. Will I be able to have a critical opinion of what is said? I doubt it. One would have to look at details and I am certainly insufficiently versed in all these sociological, economical and psychological matters at global level.
But my ignorance in such fields is exactly what makes that book fascinating to me.

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