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Dear SARS-CoV-2

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Corona virus
How are you today?
You must be pleased
So strong you’ve grown!
They say your shape
Is of a crown.
Are you a king,
Or royalty
Just an ambition?
On women’s day
Meetings melt.
You’ve tamed the throngs.
Whoever in numbers meets
Kisses your feet.
Forgotten Syria,
Its horrid war
And refugees.
Has made its nest.
The other eggs
You have displaced.
Devilish cuckoo
Helpless we’ll help
To hatch your eggs.
You feed the shadows
Of our lives.
The flu we know
We shrug our shoulders,
We clean our nose.
To you however
we make allegiance.
How many rituals
We submit to
Just to avoid
Your sickening presence.
No such gestures
To wave away
Our deadly cancers.
Because of them
No way we’ll change
Our ways of life!
Instead we, puppets,
We wag our ends
Without end
To shun the end.
Self-centered we stay.
People may die
Of hunger over there.
The heck we care.
This is all about us
Our egos themselves
Our general body!
The essence of the clan
We want to keep
Preserved unharmed
From foreign touch.
Is it our fate
to isolate?
Will we still kiss
If this goes on?
What a hit!
How strong you’ve grown!
You fill our lives
You fill the news
Oh holy shit!

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