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Category: Poetry


Your specs were trodden on
Your coffee delayed
Your usual worry to please
Emerged and couldn’t be calmed.
The day is gone.
The sunny weather didn’t help.

Some peace
Some relief here.

Up and down,
.ittle worried sensitive soul,
You were bumped,
Shaken and hurled.

Oh sweet,
transient sigh
in a corner
of a pub
after a fresh
draught beer.

Electrifying you

A song based on a poem by Paul O’Mahony

I’ve created that short song. No voice accompaniment. Very intuitive creation. Of course a musician would expand on that, so that it doesn’t sound so trheadbare and melancholy!..

Paul O‘Mahony‘s post with the full poem is here: https://paulhomahony.com/2018/07/25/song-lyrics/